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Reports Filed with the Attorney General's Office

The following reports have been filed with the Attorney General's Office per statutory requirements.

County Correctional Facility Reports

RSA 30-B:12 states:

At least every 6 months the county commissioners shall make a proper examination into the management, condition, and security of the condition of the inmates in county correctional facilities. The commissioners shall, within one month after such inspection, make a written report to the attorney general of their findings and actions or proposed actions on such findings.

Below are links to the county correctional facility reports that the Attorney General's Office has received.

Belknap County

Carroll County

Cheshire County

Coos County

Grafton County

Hillsborough County

Merrimack County

Rockingham County

Strafford County

Sullivan County

Notices Pursuant to the New Hampshire Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act ("WARN")

RSA 275-F:3,I states:

No employer shall order a mass layoff or plant closing unless 60 days before the order takes effect the employer gives written notice of the order to:

(a) Affected employees and representatives of affected employees;
(b) The commissioner, who shall notify additional governmental units as appropriate;
(c) The New Hampshire attorney general; and
(d) The chief elected official of each municipality in New Hampshire within which the plant closing or mass layoff occurs.

RSA 275-F:4,I provides:

In a mass layoff or plant closing, an employer is not required to comply with the notice requirement of RSA 275-F:3 if:

(a) The employer is a faltering company and at the time that notice would have been required, the employer was actively seeking capital in the form of loans, or the issuance of stocks, bonds, or other methods of internally generated financing, or additional money, credit, or business through a commercially reasonable method which opportunities were objectively realistic; and

(1) The capital or business sought, if obtained, would have enabled the employer to avoid or postpone the mass layoff or plant closing; and

(2) The employer reasonably and in good faith believed that giving the notice required by RSA 275-F:3 would have precluded the employer from obtaining the needed capital or business; or

(b) The need for notice was not reasonably foreseeable at the time the notice would have been required; or

(c) The plant closing is of a temporary facility or the plant closing or mass layoff is the result of the completion of a particular project or undertaking, and the affected employees were hired with the understanding that their employment was limited to the duration of the facility, project, or undertaking; or

(d) A mass layoff or plant closing is necessitated by a physical calamity, natural disaster, or an act of terrorism or war; or

(e) The closing or layoff constitutes a strike or lockout not intended to evade the requirements of this chapter. Nothing in this chapter shall require an employer to serve written notice when permanently replacing a person who is deemed to be an economic striker under the National Labor Relations Act, 29 U.S.C. section 151 et seq. Nothing in this chapter shall validate or invalidate any judicial or administrative ruling relating to the hiring of permanent replacements for economic strikers under the National Labor Relations Act.

Below are links to notices that the Attorney General's Office has received:

AG Reports on St. Paul's School

YDC Claims Administration and Settlement Fund Reports

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