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Office of Victim/Witness Assistance

The State Office of Victim/Witness Assistance (OVWA) was created legislatively (RSA 21-M:8-k) to provide 24-hour direct services and support in all of the state's homicide cases and to coordinate efforts to develop and standardize statewide victim services, protocols and policies and training for all of the professionals involved.

Recognizing that the criminal justice system can be confusing and frightening, the mission of OVWA is to ensure that all victims are treated with dignity and respect and provided with the services and support they need, throughout their involvement with the system. OVWA aims to meet the emotional, mental and physical needs of the family members of homicide victims (co–victims) and witnesses; to minimize the trauma, revictimization, and the impact of the criminal justice system on those citizens who have been traumatized by crime.

The New Hampshire Crime Victim Bill of Rights outlines the rights victims have under the law.

The Role of the Office in Homicide Cases

In New Hampshire, all homicides, excluding negligent homicides, are prosecuted out of the Homicide Bureau of the Attorney General's Office, enabling a centralized victim services unit to be involved from the onset of the investigation.

The Office has victim/witness advocates who are on–call 24 hours a day. When a homicide occurs anywhere in the state, an advocate responds to the scene and is responsible for notifying the victim's family of the death of their loved one and for providing immediate crisis intervention and support to both family members and witnesses to the crime. From arranging for the cleanup of the homicide scene, to informing the family on the results of the autopsy, to assisting them with funeral arrangements, each family requires extensive support and services at this difficult and extremely painful time.

Victim/Witness Services Include:

  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Death notification
  • Orientation into the criminal justice system
  • Case status and disposition
  • Court advocacy services
  • Employer, school, landlord and creditor intervention
  • Referrals
  • Property return assistance
  • Assistance with Victim Impact Statements Portable Document Format Symbol
  • Parole notification

For more information see An Information Guide for Survivors of Homicide Portable Document Format Symbol.

You may contact the Office of Victim/Witness Assistance at:

Office of Victim/Witness Assistance
Office of the Attorney General
33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-3671

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