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The primary responsibility of the Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Unit is to prevent, investigate, and prosecute crimes involving elderly victims of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation on a statewide basis.

Mandatory Reporting of Adult Abuse and Exploitation

If this matter is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or your local police department. If this matter is not an emergency, contact the Bureau of Elderly & Adult Services. Their phone number is 1-800-949-0470. Calls are confidential.

RSA 161-F:46 requires any person who has a reason to believe that an elderly incapacitated adult has been subjected to physical abuse, neglect, or exploitation or is living in hazardous conditions to notify the Department of Health and Human Services or their local law enforcement agency.

Any person (other than the alleged perpetrator) who makes a report of an alleged incident of abuse, neglect or exploitation in good faith shall have immunity from any criminal or civil liability.

If you suspect abuse or exploitation or an elderly or incapacitated person, you can also contact your local County Attorney's Office:

If this matter is related to legal issues such as Powers of Attorney or Executor/Administrator appointments or what may be perceived as inappropriate distribution or use of property or assets of an elderly person or an individual with a disability, you may wish to consult with a private attorney or law firm that specializes in Estate Planning and Trusts and/or more specifically, Elder Issues. Because the NH Department of Justice cannot represent individuals in these types of matters, we suggest that you contact someone who specializes in Elder Law, Family Law and/or Probate Law. For referrals to such attorneys, please contact the NH Bar Association Lawyer Referral Program at (603) 224-3333 or 1-800-639-5290.

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