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For Immediate Release
April 6, 2018

John W. Garrigan, Assistant Attorney General
Consumer Protection Bureau
(603) 271-1252

Attorney General Resolves Allegations of Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices by Lewis Victor d/b/a National Campus Professionals and American Youth Group for Misleading Local Businesses Into Purchasing Advertisements for the Benefit of New Hampshire Schools

Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announces that the Consumer Protection Bureau has resolved allegations of violations of the Consumer Protection Act by Lewis Victor of Del Rey Beach, Florida d/b/a National Campus Professionals, Inc. and American Youth Group, Inc. The State alleges that Lewis Victor d/b/a National Campus Professionals and American Youth Group misled local businesses by falsely claiming affiliations with New Hampshire schools in order to induce those businesses to pay for advertisements to be placed in brochures, claiming that advertisement revenue would be for the benefit of local schools, when, in fact, all of the advertisement revenue went to Victor.

The Attorney General's Office began an investigation in 2017 into National Campus Professionals and American Youth Group based on allegations from a New Hampshire school that local businesses had been misled to purchase advertisements for drug awareness folders. Victor solicited these advertisements in at least 27 school districts across the State. Victor’s companies solicited advertisements from local businesses through an independent sales contractor. Businesses reported being misled into purchasing advertisements they thought would financially benefit the school district when, in fact, all of the advertising revenue went to Victor.

Under the terms of an Assurance of Discontinuance, Victor d/b/a National Campus Professionals and American Youth Group have agreed to cease all business operations in this State. Victor and his companies must seek and receive the explicit approval of the Attorney General’s Office before initiating any trade or commerce in New Hampshire and, as a prerequisite to that approval, must provide the Attorney General’s Office with a proposed business plan and copies of any solicitations, advertisements, and sales scripts to be used by salespersons. Victor, National Campus Professionals, and American Youth Group have not admitted to any wrongdoing by signing the Assurance of Discontinuance.

Attorney General MacDonald urges New Hampshire citizens and businesses to be cautious when making payments to any solicitor claiming to be selling advertisements or soliciting donations on behalf of local schools or sports teams. Before making payments to solicitors, contact the school to verify that the solicitation has been approved, is sponsored by the school, and that any funds raised through the solicitations will benefit the school.

Consumers can file consumer complaints with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Bureau at: The Bureau information line is 1-888-468-4454.

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