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Public Safety & Infrastructure

The Bureau of Public Safety & Infrastructure is a sub-unit of the Division of Legal Counsel within the Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General.

Pursuant to RSA 7:8-b, II (b), the Bureau of Public Safety & Infrastructure is established within the Division of Legal Counsel. The Bureau provides a wide range of highly specialized legal services to the Department of Safety and the Department of Transportation – two of the largest agencies in the State of New Hampshire – as well as to the Department of Administrative Services, Division of Public Works. The Bureau provides full-service legal counsel to these agencies, offering both counseling advice as well as serving as litigation counsel.

In this role, the Bureau advises all Divisions within the Department of Safety, including the Fire Marshal's Office, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Division of State Police, and the Division of Motor Vehicles to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws and to respond to any lawsuit. The Bureau defends claims against these entities in any civil litigation, including cases that involve constitutional challenges to law enforcement conduct by State Police (i.e. allegations pertaining use of force, searches and seizures, and sex offender challenges).

The Bureau also works with the Department of Transportation and the Division of Public Works in drafting contracts, leases, and procurement documents, as well as representing them in complex contract and construction disputes and litigation, including matters that involve claims against the state for highway design or maintenance defects.

The Bureau also is responsible for representing the Department of Transportation in all condemnation, eminent domain, and inverse condemnation proceedings.

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