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June 3, 2024

Michael S. Garrity, Director of Communications | (603) 931-9375

Attorney General Formella Joins Comment Opposing New U.S. Department of Energy Rule Increasing Costs of Stoves and Ovens

Concord, NH – Attorney General John M. Formella has joined a coalition of states in opposing the U.S. Department of Energy’s strict new energy-efficiency standards for stoves and ovens. The rule will increase the costs for kitchen appliances nationwide.

"Joining this coalition and publicly opposing the U.S. Department of Energy's stringent new energy-efficiency standards for stoves and ovens is crucial for protecting consumers and ensuring fair regulatory processes. These regulations would burden households across New Hampshire and our country with increased costs for kitchen appliances,” said Attorney General Formella. “It is concerning that such impactful rules were proposed through a little-known procedure, depriving states and consumers of their right to provide input. The comment letter being sent to the Department of Energy is a necessary step in advocating for transparency and accountability in regulatory decision-making. We urge the Department to reconsider its approach and allow for meaningful engagement from all stakeholders before implementing these rules."

The new energy-efficiency standards for stoves and ovens follow similarly strict new regulations on household refrigerators and freezers. Like those regulations, the new rule targeting stoves and ovens was proposed through a little-used procedure known as a “direct final rule,” whereby a federal agency skips the normal process of allowing interested parties to submit comments before finalizing a rule. The comment letter calls on the Department of Energy to give the States and consumers an opportunity to critique the rule before it takes effect.

For the full Comment letter, click here.

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