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For Immediate Release
March 9, 2023

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Matthew G. Conley, Attorney, Election Law Unit | (866) 868-3703

Election Law Unit Update

Concord, NH – Attorney John M. Formella provides the following update to this week's press releases regarding political advertising that does not identify who is responsible for it:

  • In Raymond, an unidentified party published the website "". The website contains endorsements of candidates and warrant articles on the Raymond ballot in the March 14 election but violated RSA 664:14. As part of the Election Law Unit's investigation, contact was made with Kera Clements who confirmed she was responsible for the website. The website has been updated to include a contact person to identify the responsible party for the political advertising.

  • In Amherst, an unidentified party has published the website "" which includes endorsements of and opposition to warrant articles on the March 14 ballot but violates RSA 664:14. The website states that it is "provided by concerned Amherst citizens who wish to remain anonymous." The Election Law Unit is continuing to investigate.

In each of these matters, the political advertising did not contain information identifying the party that paid for or distributed them. Under New Hampshire law, political advertising that does not have the required disclosure information can be removed by municipal maintenance personnel and law enforcement.

As the elections are so close, the identities of these individuals may not be known prior to the elections. As a result, Attorney General Formella reminds voters to do their own research on candidates and warrant articles before they vote.

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