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For Immediate Release
December 13, 2022

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Public Integrity Unit

Justin Swift Resolution Agreement

Concord, NH – Attorney General John M. Formella announces that the State has reached a conditional nolle prosequi agreement with Justin Swift, age 39, of New Durham. Mr. Swift had been previously indicted for Misuse of Computer or Computer Network (RSA 638:17, (IV), (a)) and charged with Official Oppression (RSA 643:1) and Records and Certifications (260:14 (IX)), (a)). The State and Mr. Swift agreed to conditionally nolle pros the charges subject to the following conditions:

  1. Decertification of Mr. Swift as a police officer by the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council with the understanding that the decertification will be entered into the National Decertification Database;
  2. inclusion of Mr. Swift's name on the Exculpatory Evidence Schedule;
  3. Mr. Swift must be of "Good Behavior," that is no felony, misdemeanor, or major motor vehicle violations for the term of the agreement; and
  4. Mr. Swift must have no contact with the registered owner of the number plate listed in the indictment and complaints.

If Mr. Swift violates any of the above conditions within two years of signing the agreement, the State may reinstate all charges against him.

The matter was prosecuted by Senior Assistant Attorney General Dan Jimenez and Attorney Zachary Wolf, both of the Attorney General Office's Public Integrity Unit. This case was investigated by members of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.

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