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For Immediate Release
April 27, 2022

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Investigation Into Criminal Allegations of Notary Public Patti Hendrick

Concord, NH – Attorney General John M. Formella announces that an investigation has been completed into allegations made against Notary Public Patti Hendrick. On December 11, 2021, the Attorney General's Office was notified of an allegation involving Ms. Hendrick, and the role she played in notarizing affidavits, which were later submitted to the NH House of Representatives in support of a pending house bill HB-571.

That allegation was thoroughly investigated and reviewed by the Office of the Attorney General. During the course of the investigation, evidence was discovered that Ms. Hendrick violated RSA 456-B:1 (I) by notarizing documents which had been previously signed outside of her presence. There was no evidence to suggest the information contained in the affidavits was false.

Based on its investigation, the Office of the Attorney General has reached an agreement with Ms. Hendrick pursuant to RSA 455:16. Ms. Hendrick has paid a $2,000.00 fine to the Secretary of State, and agreed to resign from her appointment as Notary Public.

The Office of the Attorney General's file in this matter will remain open for a period of two years to monitor Ms. Hendrick's adherence to the terms and conditions of the agreement, at which time the Office of the Attorney General will close the matter with no further action. In the event Ms. Hendrick does not abide by the terms of the agreement, the Office of the Attorney General may bring forward criminal charges against Ms. Hendrick. Given this resolution, the Office of the Attorney General will take no further action at this time in this matter.

The Attorney General's Office investigates and prosecutes crimes involving the public integrity of state officials. Senior Assistant Attorney General Timothy J. Sullivan, Chief of the Public Integrity Unit, and Investigator John Lannon led the Office's efforts in this matter.

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