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January 12, 2021

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Jane E. Young, Deputy Attorney General
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Donald E. Sullivan Selected as the Independent Compliance Overseer Chosen for St. Paul's School

Concord, NH – Deputy Attorney General Jane E. Young announces that Donald E. Sullivan has been selected as the next Independent Compliance Overseer ("Compliance Overseer") for St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire. Mr. Sullivan will begin as soon as possible.

The Attorney General's Office entered into a Settlement Agreement ("Agreement") with St. Paul's School on September 13, 2018, which called for the oversight of St. Paul's School for a period of up to five years and included the selection of an Independent Compliance Overseer who would be embedded on the St. Paul's School campus and tasked with reporting at least bi-annually to the Attorney General's Office regarding St. Paul's School's compliance with all of the terms of the Agreement.

Mr. Sullivan will succeed the first Independent Compliance Overseer, Jeffrey T. Maher, who resigned on October 19, 2020. Pursuant to the Agreement, St. Paul's School was required to provide three qualified candidates to the Attorney General's Office to fill this role. St. Paul's School provided those names in a letter dated December 19, 2020 and Mr. Sullivan was chosen from those candidates.

Mr. Sullivan served as a member of law enforcement for more than 20 years, most recently as the Alexandria Police Chief from 2008-2020. Prior to that, he was the Hill Police Chief. Mr. Sullivan has extensive experience in the victim-centered, trauma-informed enforcement, investigation, and prosecution of sexual assault and domestic violence cases. In addition, he is recognized as a leader and prominent educator on these subject matters in New Hampshire.

"During this this Office's prior work with Chief Sullivan, he demonstrated the required experience, expertise and temperament to be successful in the role of Independent Compliance Overseer for St. Paul's School," said Deputy Attorney General Jane E. Young. "We are confident that Chief Sullivan shares our mission of ensuring that student safety is the top priority at St. Paul's School."

St. Paul's School has recently agreed to the following additional terms:

  1. a second person will be hired under the same terms as the Independent Compliance Overseer to serve in support of the Independent Compliance Overseer;
  2. the Independent Compliance Overseer and the additional person will be indemnified by St. Paul's School for any actions taken in their official capacity; and
  3. St. Paul's School engaged RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) to complete a comprehensive program assessment of the policies and procedures at St. Paul's School as they pertain to student safety.

Please find letters to Mr. Donald E. Sullivan and St. Paul's School here:

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