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For Immediate Release
December 21, 2018

Kate Spiner, Director of Communications

Elizabeth A. Lahey, Assistant Attorney General,
Civil Rights Unit

Preliminary Injunction Ordered in State v. Priscilla Protasowicki

Concord, NH – Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announces that the Carroll County Superior Court has granted the State of New Hampshire's request for a preliminary injunction in State of New Hampshire v. Priscilla Protasowicki.

The Attorney General's Civil Rights Unit filed an initial complaint against Ms. Protasowicki on July 17, 2018, pursuant to the New Hampshire Civil Rights Act, RSA 354-B. The complaint alleged that Ms. Protasowicki assaulted two patrons in an effort to remove them from her place of employment, the Covered Bridge Riverview Lodge, in Jackson, New Hampshire, because of their religion and perceived national origin.

The State of New Hampshire sought, in part, a court order enjoining Ms. Protasowicki from engaging in or threatening physical force or violence, damage to property, or trespass on property against any person, including patrons at the Covered Bridge Riverview Lodge, motivated by race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

On December 21, 2018, the court granted this injunction. The injunction is a preliminary ruling that serves to prevent further violations of the Civil Rights Act. A final hearing date has yet to be scheduled.

This case is being litigated by Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth A. Lahey, who leads the Civil Rights Unit and Senior Assistant Attorney General Francis C. Fredericks of the Civil Bureau.

The Attorney General's Civil Rights Unit enforces state and federal civil rights laws, including the New Hampshire Law Against Discrimination and the New Hampshire Civil Rights Act. Residents and visitors who believe that their civil rights have been violated may file a complaint online at or by phone at (603) 271-3658.

The order issued by Caroll County Superior Court can be found at:

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