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December 20, 2017

Thomas J. Donovan
Director of Charitable Trusts
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Receivership of Serenity Place

Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald announces that, following an action commenced by the New Hampshire Department of Justice Charitable Trust Unit, Families In Transition was appointed as receiver of Serenity Place, a New Hampshire voluntary corporation located in Manchester. The receivership was approved today by the Hillsborough County Superior Court, Northern District.

Serenity Place is a charitable organization that provides services to those with substance use disorders. Under the receivership order, Serenity Place will continue to provide its current array of clinical services, including as the agency designated to receive non-hospital referrals from the Manchester Safe Station program. Families In Transition, a New Hampshire charitable organization also based in Manchester, will provide management services, address financial issues and plan for the future provision of services. Families In Transition has been provided all powers necessary to operate Serenity Place and its programs.

The Charitable Trust Unit has statutory and common law authority to provide oversight of New Hampshire charitable organizations and to seek the appointment of receivers. Earlier this month, the Unit received information regarding Serenity Place'''s financials. Following an investigation, the Charitable Trust Unit concluded that a receivership was required. As set forth in the pleadings submitted to the Court today, Serenity Place has accounts payable of $161,706.09, more than half of which are aging. It has payroll tax liabilities of $182,612.64. Since July 1, 2017, it is operating at a deficit of more than $600,000.

Attorney General MacDonald said, "Serenity Place provides critical services, including residential treatment, outpatient treatment, respite, and recovery to those with a substance use disorder. It is imperative that those critical services continue. Families In Transition is poised to act as the receiver and operate Serenity Place."

"We appreciate FIT's commitment to meeting the needs of the community," said Jeffrey A. Meyers, Commissioner of the NH Department of Health and Human Services. "The Safe Station program, SUD treatment programs, and screening and referral services provided by Serenity will remain available for people struggling with substance misuse. The Department'''s primary focus is to work with FIT to ensure clients continue to receive these critical services."

Under the terms of the Order approved today, the receiver is responsible for determining whether Serenity Place and any of its programs can be operated as a viable and independent organization going forward. The receiver is required to provide monthly reports to the court. The receivership shall expire on June 30, 2018, unless otherwise extended.

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