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October 10, 2017

Jesse O'Neill, Assistant Attorney General
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Arrest Warrant Issued for Viterbo Enrique-Minaya for Selling the Fentanyl which Led to the Death of Brandon Laurion

New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald and Chief Paul Toussaint of the Rochester Police Department announce that an arrest warrant has been issued for Viterbo Enrique-Minaya aka Francisco Rodriguez-Benitez, age 31, charging him with the sale or dispensing of a controlled drug with death resulting (first photograph attached J-Peg file).

On the night of October 30th into the 31st, 2016, Brandon Laurion, age 30, died in Rochester (second photograph attached J-Peg file). An autopsy and subsequent blood testing revealed that his death was due to a fentanyl overdose. To-date, three people have been charged in relation to Brandon's death:

  • Amber Nicholson, age 34, was charged on December 20, 2016, with selling or dispensing the fentanyl that caused Brandon's death. Ms. Nicholson pled guilty to the charge on August 15, 2017.
  • Robert Brochu, age 33, was also charged on December 20, 2016, with selling or dispending the fentanyl that caused Brandon's death. Mr. Brochu's case is pending trial.
  • Sarah Quint, age 29, Brandon's girlfriend, was charged January 19, 2017, with conspiring with Ms. Nichsolson and Mr. Brochu to obtain the fentanyl that caused Brandon's death, and with concealing Brandon's cell phone in order to prevent it from being available during the investigation. Jury selection on these charges is scheduled to commence on January 23, 2018.

After a lengthy investigation by local, state, and federal authorities, an arrest warrant was issued for Viterbo Enrique-Minaya aka Francisco Rodriguez-Benitez, age 31. The arrest warrant states that Mr. Minaya sold the fentanyl that caused Brandon's death to Ms. Nicholson in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on October 30, 2016.

Mr. Minaya is currently serving a sentence in Massachusetts for drug sales and conspiracy to violate the Massachusetts drug laws. It is anticipated that upon completion of his sentence in Massachusetts, Mr. Minaya will be turned over to New Hampshire authorities and formally charged with selling or dispensing a controlled drug with death resulting. This charge carries a potential sentence of life in the New Hampshire State Prison.

This case represents the first time that the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office has brought charges against an individual who sold drugs in Massachusetts when those drugs came into New Hampshire and caused a death here.

The agencies involved in this case include the Rochester Police Department, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the Strafford County Attorney's Office, the Strafford County Sheriff's Department, the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Lawrence Police Department.

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