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July 7, 2015

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Autopsy results from officer involved shooting in Bath

Attorney General Joseph A. Foster and State Police Colonel Robert Quinn announce that the man who died in the officer involved shooting in Bath, New Hampshire, has been identified as Hagan Esty-Lennon (42) of Canterbury, New Hampshire.

The incident, which led to the shooting, began when Mr. Esty-Lennon's vehicle crashed on an abandoned bridge at the intersections of Routes 112 and 302 in Bath, New Hampshire at approximately 4 p.m. yesterday. Police and Emergency Medical personnel responded to reports of this accident and a man with a weapon who appeared to be suffering from a stab wound to the chest.

Two officers from the Haverhill Police Department encountered Mr. Esty-Lennon walking southbound on Route 302. The officers were both equipped with body cameras. The videos from these body cameras document the following: Mr. Esty-Lennon was holding a knife and appeared to be bleeding from his chest as he walked toward the officers. The officers ordered Mr. Esty-Lennon to drop the knife and to stop his progression toward them. The officers had their weapons drawn at that juncture. However, Mr. Esty-Lennon ignored these repeated commands, and instead turned away from the officers. He then quickly turned back toward the officers, lunging at the officers with the knife in his hand. The officers then fired their weapons in response.

Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Thomas Andrew, determined that Mr. Esty-Lennon died as the result of a gunshot wound to the right shoulder with perforation of the subclavian vessels. Mr. Esty-Lennon suffered six gunshot wounds to his trunk and head, with the wound to the right shoulder being the fatal wound. He also had a stab wound to his chest. The manner of death was ruled a homicide. Homicide being defined as the killing of one person by another.

The investigation into this incident remains ongoing.

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