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For Immediate Release
April 28, 2015

Thomas J. Donovan, Director of Charitable Trusts
(603) 271-1288

Contributions for Nepal Earthquake Relief

Attorney General Joseph A. Foster recognizes that many generous New Hampshire people want to help those who have suffered greatly from the recent Nepal earthquake. He asks the public to make smart decisions as they make their donations. The Attorney General makes these suggestions:

  • Do your research. A number of news organization websites list specific charities providing relief in Nepal. Follow the link to the charity's website and read about their plans and their track record in providing such relief. Has the organization worked in Nepal before? Does it have the logistical capability to get aid there quickly? Does it have local staff on the ground ready to deliver the assistance it promises?
  • Many people are seeking donations for Nepal earthquake relief using Facebook and Twitter. Some link to crowdfunding websites. Making donations this way may be quick and easy, but you may not know exactly where the money is going, and what good it is going to do. Organizations that solicit charitable contributions in New Hampshire are required to register as charities with the Charitable Trusts Unit. Call 271-3591 or go on the CTU website to check out this organization. Again, do your research.
  • If someone calls you over the telephone to make a contribution for Nepal earthquake relief, think twice. Do you recognize the name of the charity? Are they registered in New Hampshire? Professional solicitors must be registered with the Charitable Trusts Unit. Call 271-3591 or go on the CTU website to check out this organization. And remember, never give out personal information over the telephone, including credit card and bank account numbers, to someone you do not know.
  • Think local. There is a growing Nepalese and Bhutanese community in New Hampshire. Many people have contacts with friends and family in Nepal. These communities have created New Hampshire based charitable organizations, and some of them are collecting donations for earthquake relief. Again, do your research.

Finally, the Attorney General announces that the Charitable Trusts Unit is available to answer questions regarding charitable giving for Nepal earthquake relief or regarding any calls you receive requesting donations for charitable purposes. Call 271-3591, or email us at or click on our web page at:

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