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2018 News Releases

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05/16/2018 Joseph Parsons Pleaded Guilty to Theft by Deception
05/16/2018 June 5, 2018 Deadline to Change Party Affiliation for Voting in the September 11, 2018 State Primary Election
05/14/2018 Autopsy Results Regarding Homicide Investigation in Claremont
05/14/2018 Search in Manchester, New Hampshire regarding 1980 missing person’s case of Denise Daneault
05/13/2018 Further Information on a Suspicious Death Investigation in Claremont
05/13/2018 Ongoing Death Investigation in Claremont
05/04/2018 Thomas Katsiantonis Pleads Guilty to Theft and Tax Evasion
05/03/2018 Plea and Sentencing Hearing Scheduled in the Matter of State v. Damion Yeargle
05/02/2018 State v. James Knee
04/27/2018 Felony Complaint and Waiver of Indictment Filed Against Former Judge Paul S. Moore
04/27/2018 Investigation Completed Into Allegation Against Enfield Police Chief Richard Crate, Jr.
04/26/2018 Arrest of Former Claremont Police Sergeant Ian Kibbe
04/25/2018 Plea and sentencing in connection with the June 21, 2017 murder of James Brock in Franklin, New Hampshire (State v. Richard Tripaldi)
04/24/2018 Jon Orme Sentenced to 8½-20 Years in the New Hampshire State Prison for Possession of Carfentanil with the Intent to Sell
04/17/2018 Autopsy Results Regarding Deaths in Dover
04/16/2018 Investigation into two untimely deaths in Dover - Update
04/16/2018 Investigation into two untimely deaths in Dover
04/12/2018 Anthem and Cigna to Pay New Hampshire Its Share of Fees and Costs After Successfully Blocking Their Merger
04/06/2018 Attorney General Resolves Allegations of Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices by Lewis Victor d/b/a National Campus Professionals and American Youth Group for Misleading Local Businesses Into Purchasing Advertisements for the Benefit of New Hampshire Schools
04/06/2018 Stephanie Ntallas Pleaded Guilty to Assaulting her Elderly Mother
04/05/2018 New Hampshire Fights Internet Sales Tax
04/04/2018 Consumer Alert – IRS Related Scams Continue to be Prevalent Throughout New Hampshire
04/03/2018 State v. Melissa Padeiro
03/28/2018 Investigation into Conduct of Ian Kibbe and Mark Burch of the Claremont Police Department
03/27/2018 Consumer Alert—Scammers Pretending to Represent Lottery Winners are Attempting to get Personal Banking Information from New Hampshire Citizens
03/26/2018 Brian Eldridge Convicted of Possession of Fentanyl and Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm
03/26/2018 38 State Attorneys General Ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for Information on Facebook’s Business Practices and Privacy Protections
03/26/2018 Ashton Haven Sentenced for Financial Exploitation of an Elder Adult and Theft by Deception
03/26/2018 Attorney General Resolves Allegations of Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices by Quality Tree Service of Newton, NH for Taking a Deposit from a Consumer and then Failing to do the Work or Reimburse the Consumer
03/26/2018 Attorney General Resolves Allegation of Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices by Lakes Region General Healthcare and its Former Chief Nursing Officer, Patricia Strohla
03/14/2018 Rachel Newton Pleads Guilty to Criminal Neglect of an Elder Adult
03/13/2018 Press Briefing on the Officer Involved Shooting Incident Which Occurred on December 23, 2017 in Canaan
03/12/2018 Investigation into Conduct of Judge Paul Moore
03/12/2018 March 13, 2018 Town Elections
03/05/2018 Attorney General’s Report Released on Transaction between Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health System
03/02/2018 Jon Orme Convicted of Possession with Intent to Distribute Carfentanil
03/02/2018 Former Investment Advisor James Knee Arrested for Theft from his Elderly Client
03/01/2018 Karla Cloutier Indicted for Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Adult
02/28/2018 Arrest of David O. Pook in connection with the investigation into St. Paul’s School
02/27/2018 Megan Ferron Sentenced for Possession of Heroin with the Intent to Sell in Bartlett, New Hampshire
02/21/2018 Kelly Flanagan (aka Kelly Silva) Sentenced to State Prison for Selling the Fentanyl that Caused the Death of David Gross in Somersworth
02/14/2018 David Caplin Pleaded Guilty to 1998 Murders
02/13/2018 Autopsy Results Regarding Deaths in Derry
02/12/2018 Updated Investigation into Two Untimely Deaths in Derry
02/12/2018 Investigation into Two Untimely Deaths in Derry
02/07/2018 Arrest of Tina Savage of Whitefield, NH and Jonathan Savage of Lancaster, NH for the Sale of a Controlled Drug
02/01/2018 State v. Charles Adam Maynard
01/31/2018 State v. Andrew Garland – Plea of Guilty to Death Resulting
01/29/2018 Russell Berry, Owner of Classic Auto Works in Hooksett—Convicted of Theft Related to Sale of a Truck
01/26/2018 Indictment of Janet Delfuoco for Threats Made Against Members of the Judiciary
01/24/2018 In re: Two Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty-One in U.S. Currency
01/19/2018 Jennifer Bonner Sentenced to Selling the Fentanyl that Caused the Death of Christopher Marmat in Newmarket
01/19/2018 Stephanie McMahon Pleaded Guilty to One Class A Misdemeanor Count of Possession of a Prescription Drug, Contrary to RSA 318:42
01/12/2018 State v. Robert Wilson
01/08/2018 Luciano Vasquez Pleaded Guilty to Possession of Fentanyl with the Intent to Sell
01/03/2018  State v. Roger Dwinell

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