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There are many advantages to the Internet, for example shopping or doing research online can make our lives easier, but we all face the growing problem of Internet fraud.

Additionally, there are many dangers that children face while on the Internet. Children can inadvertently be exposed to inappropriate materials while searching on the Internet. Social networking can be a great way to get in touch with friends, but it can also be a way for young people to be targeted. Other growing concerns are cyberbullying and also the misuse of digital images – the taking of suggestive photos and forwarding them on a cell phone.

The best defense is to address these issues with your child before they happen. Set up an agreement on when, how often, and how the computer and cell phones will be used. Discuss with your child the ramifications of posting on the Internet, by explaining how something posted can be out there indefinitely. Together we can keep our children safe.

For further information or to request copies of our comprehensive Internet Safety Brochure, which includes the family brochure and the teen guide, please contact:

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