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The New Hampshire Drug Task Force (DTF) was started in 1986 under the Attorney General's Office as a statewide multi-jurisdictional effort to combat the increasing effects illicit drugs were having on the State New Hampshire.

Since then it has grown from a six person single unit to four regional offices covering the seacoast, central, western and northern regions of the State. Administered by the Attorney General's Office, the DTF is made up of investigators from the Attorney General's Office and police officers from local, county and state police departments. The departments use federal grants to help send undercover police officers to the DTF for a period of several years.

The primary mission of the DTF is to enforce the laws under RSA 318-B and to provide leadership, cooperation, coordination, and support to all local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in combating the drug problem in New Hampshire. In addition, the Task Force provides specialized training in the area of drug enforcement to all DTF participants.

The Drug Task Force Headquarters may be contacted at:

Telephone: 1-800-443-4482 or (603) 271-3291

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