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Cold Case UnitUnidentified Female and Three Children

The unsolved homicides of an unidentified female and three children.

photo of homicide victims not available.

Year of Death or Disappearance: 1985/2000

City/Town: Allenstown

Status: Unsolved Homicide

On November 10, 1985 a hunter discovered the remains of an adult white female (23-33 years old) and a female child (8-10 years old) inside a 55 gallon metal drum in woods located in the Bear Brook Garden Trailer Park near 22 Edgewood Drive in Allenstown, NH.

On May 9, 2000 two more victims were found in the same vicinity. These victims were also in a metal drum. The third victim was a white female child (1-3 years old) and the fourth victim was also a white female child (4-8 years old). These two children are biologically related to the adult female and it is possible all four victims are related.

It is believed that the victims were killed sometime between 1977-1985. The deaths have all been ruled homicides, but the specific cause of death has not been released publicly.

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Suspect Identified

Additional Photos:

composite of 23 Year Old Female

Composite Photo
23-Year-Old Female

composite of 5 Year Old Female

Composite Photo
8-10-Year-Old Female

Allenstown, 4 Year Old Female

Composite Photo
4-8-Year-Old Female

Allenstown, 1 Year Old Female

Composite Photo
1-3-Year-Old Female

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