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Criminal Justice

The duties of the Criminal Justice Bureau (CJB) include the investigation and prosecution of various criminal cases throughout the State.

The CJB prosecutes crimes punishable by death or imprisonment for life, and represents the State on all criminal appeals in the New Hampshire Supreme Court and the federal courts. In addition, the CJB conducts investigations and initiates prosecutions in cases involving drug trafficking, financial crime, cybercrime, public integrity crime, and Medicaid fraud. The CJB attorneys also assist in investigations involving the use of deadly force by police officers in the line of duty.

A few units of the CJB are detailed below:

Drug Task Force

Established in 1986, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Drug Task Force (DTF) enforces the state's drug laws by conducting undercover drug investigations throughout the State. In addition, the DTF also provides support to local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat drug trafficking in New Hampshire. The DTF maintains regional offices, which serve the seacoast, central, western, and northern regions of New Hampshire.

Public Integrity Unit

The investigators and prosecutors of the Public Integrity Unit prosecute criminal wrongdoing by state government officials, including state law enforcement officers. The cases involve a variety of criminal conduct, including misuse of one's official position, sexual assault by a law enforcement officer, and theft of taxpayer funds.

The public integrity cases often involve extensive investigations, including the preparation of search warrants, and the review of financial documents such as bank records and town ledgers. The investigators interview numerous witnesses, and the attorneys often present a large amount of documentary and testimonial evidence to grand juries across the state.

Homicide Prosecution Unit

The attorneys of the Homicide Prosecution Unit are involved in murder cases from the first call of a suspicious death, through the trial of the case in the superior court, and the appeal of the conviction in the supreme court. The attorneys work closely with state and local police and oversee all investigations in cases of murder.

Investigations and Financial Analysis

Department of Justice Investigators and Financial Analysts, and police officers provide specialized services that include investigations of reported criminal activity; criminal consumer, environmental, charitable and election law violations; public corruption and integrity cases involving criminal activity by public servants as defined in RSA 640:2,II(a); drug trafficking and drug asset forfeiture; theft cases exceeding $100,000 or cases that cross county lines; Medicaid fraud and patient abuse violations; and other investigative functions specifically assigned to the Unit.

Investigative staff may be contacted at:

Criminal Justice Bureau
Office of the Attorney General
1 Granite Place South
Concord, NH 03301
Telephone: (603) 271-3658

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