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As of January 1, 2004, New Hampshire RSA 541-D (Tobacco Product Manufacturers' Failure to Comply) imposes several specific duties on both tobacco manufacturers and tobacco wholesalers in an effort to obtain compliance with duties of tobacco manufacturers under RSA 541-C (Tobacco Manufacturers Not Entering Master Settlement Agreement).

Important Information for Tobacco Product Manufacturers and Licensed Wholesalers

The new requirements mandate that tobacco product manufacturers provide and certify information regarding their compliance activities to the New Hampshire attorney general. Only after full and accurate compliance, may a manufacturer's products be offered for sale in New Hampshire. Additionally, licensed wholesalers must provide information about tobacco sale transactions and will be held accountable for transactions with non-complying manufacturers.

For both manufacturers and licensed wholesalers, failure to comply with the required certification and other duties under RSA 541-D and RSA 541-C may result in serious penalties.

Read more about the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) on the National Association of Attorneys General website.

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