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Regulation of businesses and professions ranges from simple certification of credentials to strict policing of business and ethical practices.

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Many professions, activities and businesses are regulated by the state or local government. Occupations and businesses may be licensed, certified, registered, accredited, or inspected. Moreover, many professions are regulated by professional associations in addition to, or instead of, the state.

People who serve on state boards and commissions that license or otherwise certify those in a regulated profession or activity are generally nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Executive Council. Board appointees are practitioners, individuals with certain expertise, and interested consumers representing the general public.

Regulation of businesses and professions ranges from simple certification of credentials to strict policing of business and ethical practices. The powers of the boards and commissions vary. If you have a complaint about a business, activity or profession, you can contact the appropriate licensing or regulating board or commission to find out what it can do to help you get your complaint resolved. Sometimes the board or commission can provide extensive help, but sometimes it may have to refer you to another agency, small claims court, or advise you to contact a lawyer.

The Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (OPLC) provides administrative support to over 40 professional licensing boards, commissions and councils that are individually responsible for licensing and regulating their professions within the State. The OPLC is located at 121 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH, 03301. The main telephone number for the OPLC is (603) 271-2152.

The OPLC is broken down by the Division of Health Professions and the Division of Technical Professions. A list of the boards, commissions and councils that the OPLC provides support to can be found at

A searchable, hyperlinked index of all State agencies, including all professional licensing boards, commissions and councils (and not just those supported by the OPLC) can be found at

Consumers who believe that a professional licensee is also engaging in unfair or deceptive acts in conducting trade or commerce, may also file a consumer complaint against the licensee with the Consumer Protection & Antitrust Bureau, alleging a violation of the State’s Consumer Protection Act. Complaints may also be submitted by consumers who believe that an individual, who is not licensed by a professional licensing board, commission or council, has engaged in the unauthorized practice of the profession.

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