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We now have choices about how we surf the Web or send and receive our email.

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We now have choices about how we surf the Web or send and receive our email. Wireless phones, hand-held computers or "personal digital assistants," game consoles, and even televisions can all provide Internet and email access. However, these may not provide the same level of access as your PC or Mac.

  • Before you buy something that claims to provide Internet access, find out what this product can and can't do. Decide how you plan to use the Internet access product so you will know what you want your new access product to do.
  • Compare the capabilities of the products you are considering.
  • The limitations of the various products will vary widely. Decide what you will be comfortable with. For example, the small display screen on a cell phone will only let you access text-only formats and you may not be able to receive attachments.
  • Know what service you will be subscribing to for Internet access. Many times the Internet service is "bundled" with the product you buy, in other words, you do not have a choice of services.
  • Be sure that you can access your new Internet service with a local phone call. People who live in rural areas need to be especially aware of this to avoid long-distance charges.
  • Check with your carrier before picking your access number to make sure the dial-in number you pick is a local exchange.

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