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The Consumer Protection Bureau has brochures available on the topics listed below. Copies may be obtained by calling the Bureau at 603-271-3641.


Buying a used car
Used car buying tips
Buying a new car
Gas saving products
Keys to vehicle leasing
Vehicle leasing – a consumers guide
Vehicle leasing – spanish
Look before you lease
Renting a car
Car ads: reading between the lines
Car financing scams
Auto safety hotline
Auto repair – taking the scare out of auto repair
Auto service contracts
Vehicle repossession

Credit Issues

It's a matter of balance
Fix your own credit problems
Credit and your consumer rights
Building a credit history
Pretexting – personal information
Ready, set, credit
Experian credit education package
Don't let credit get you down
Getting credit when you're over 62
Fiscal fitness – choosing a credit counselor
Consumer credit counseling service info
Equal credit opportunity
Credit & divorce

Credit Cards

Your credit card bill of rights
Credit & atm cards – lost or stolen
Choosing and using credit cards
Gold and platinum cards
The credit practices rule
Saving money on credit cards
Credit and charge card fraud
Credit card loss protection offers
Avoiding credit & charge car fraud
Secured credit card scams
Protecting your financial future

Credit Repair & Bankruptcy

Credit repair – self help
File segregation exposed
Debt relief – bankruptcy
Using credit wisely after bankruptcy
Your legal rights during and after bankruptcy
Over your head in debt
Knee deep in debt

Debt Collection & Credit Reporting

Fair debt collection
Out of work – how to deal with creditors
Fair credit billing
Credit billing errors
Credit reports – how to get your's
How to dispute credit reports
Fair credit reporting
Credit reports: what employers should know
Report on credit – mailing lists


Charitable Donations
10 Tips for making smart donations
Public Safety fund-raising appeals

Electronic/Auto Banking

Automatic debit scams
Electronic banking

Employment and Career Issues

Avoiding modeling scams
Choosing a career or vocational school
Truck driving schools
Help wanted – finding a job
Business opportunities
Franchising and business opportunities
Seminar pitch
Wealth building scams
Federal and postal job scams
Lights – camera – rip off
Bizz opp. offers
Work at home scams
Multilevel marketing – pyramid schemes


Consumer protection in NH
Resolving consumer disputes – Mediation
Solving consumer problems
Consumer & business publications
Free legal help for low income (updated form to come)
Legal services programs
How to right a wrong

Home Financing Issues

Property tax relief for senior citizens
Looking for the best mortgage
Reverse mortgages
Mortgage servicing
Using ads to shop for home financing
Home equity loans-3 day cancellation rule
Home equity loans
Need a loan – home as collateral
Timeshare tips
Timeshare resale
Land sales

Home-Related Products/Home Improvement

Propane prices
Residential heating oil prices
Residential natural gas prices
Primer on gasoline prices
Avoid home improvement fraud
Lawn service contracts
Buying a home water treatment unit
Water testing scams
Investing in wireless cable tv
Home insulation basics
Home sweet home improvement
Rebuilding your home after disaster

Identity Theft

Identity theft


Cyber shopping – protecting yourself on-line
Shop safely online
On-line scams
Internet auctions – a guide for buyers and sellers
Advertising and marketing on the internet
Site seeing on the internet
Online investments
Net based business opportunities
Online payments
Trouble at the in-box
What's dot & what's not
Disclosures: "free" internet services
Free & low cost pc – go figure


Cosigning a loan
Getting a loan – your home as security
Advance-fee loan scams
$ $ $ for college
High rate, high fee loans
Easy credit not so fast


All that glitters – the jive on jewelry
Hearing aids
Layaway purchase plans
Getting what you pay for ‐ weights & measures
Making sure the scanned price is right
The cooling off rule
Consumer product safety commission hotline
The real deal – playing the buying game
Grocery store rain checks
Taking the bait out of rebate
Pre notification negative option plans


Health spas: exercises your rights
Travelers advisory
Shopping in the new telecommunications marketplace
Generic drugs
Auction guides
* Senior citizen law project *
Funeral related options and costs
Avoiding office supply scams
Advertising consumer leases
Living trust offers
Gifting club gotchas

Phone & Mail Fraud

Phone, e-mail, & pager messages – scams
Swindlers are calling
Investment risks
Telephone scams
Telemarketing fraud
Telephone investment fraud (updated copy to come)
Telemarketing travel fraud
Bandit in your mailbox
Reloading scams
Magazine telephone scams

Prizes & Sweepstakes

Prize offers
Sweepstakes scams: when 'winners' lose money
Congratulations!!! (for senior citizens)
International lottery scams


What to do about unsolicited calls & e-mail
"Opt Out" of direct marketing lists
Complying with telemarketing sales rule
Mail or telephone order merchandise rule
Shopping by phone and mail
Unordered merchandise

Telephone Services

900 numbers: FTC rules
International telephone number scams
Toll free telephone scams
Cramming phone charges
Telecommunications – Its Your Call
When Yellow Pages invoices are bogus
Long distance deals

Tenant Rights

Tenants rights
Security deposits
The eviction process
Fair housing opens doors
Your rights as a tenant in a manufactured housing park


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