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The Charitable Trusts Unit registers and oversees the work of professional fundraisers operating in New Hampshire. Professional fundraisers can be broken down into three categories: 1) Fund Raising Counsel, RSA 7:28-b; 2) Paid Solicitors, RSA 7:28-c; and 3) Commercial Co-Venturers, RSA 7:28-d.

  • Fund Raising Counsel are individuals or entities that are hired by a charitable organization to plan a fundraising campaign, but who do not solicit or collect funds for the charity. Fund Raising Counsel are required to register with the Charitable Trusts Unit annually, pay a filing fee, and submit copies of any contracts between the Fund Raising Counsel and the charitable organization.
  • Paid Solicitors are individuals or entities that are hired by a charitable organization to conduct a fundraising campaign on behalf of the charity. Paid Solicitors generally retain a percentage of the funds raised as payment for their services. Paid Solicitors are required to register with the Charitable Trusts Unit annually, post a $20,000 bond, and pay a filing fee. Paid Solicitors seeking to conduct a telemarketing or fundraising campaign on behalf of a charitable organization must first obtain a permit from the Charitable Trusts Unit. The Paid Solicitor must file an application and pay a filing fee for each campaign.
  • Commercial Co-Ventures are relationships between a for-profit entity and a charitable organization where the for-profit entity collects a donation to the charity along with sale of its goods or services. A charitable organization engaging in such a relationship with a for-profit entity must maintain a copy of the contract and make it available to the Charitable Trusts Unit upon request.
  • Approved Charitable Campaigns Portable Document Format Symbol
  • Professional Fundraisers Listing Portable Document Format Symbol
  • Paid Solicitor Charitable Fundraiser Disclosure Portable Document Format Symbol (RSA 7:28-C,VII)
    This disclosure constitutes the official summary report of records on file with the Charitable Trusts Unit. It was compiled from the joint financial reports filed by paid solicitors with the Charitable Trusts Unit. Those joint financial reports are available for inspection and copy. This disclosure is limited to fundraising activities conducted by paid solicitors and does not include fundraising the organizations may have conducted themselves without the use of paid solicitors.

Professional Fundraiser Forms

All Professional Fundraiser Forms are available on our Forms page.

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