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News Release

For Immediate Release
April 19, 2013

Anthony I. Blenkinsop, Director, Charitable Trusts Unit
(603) 271-3591

Giving Wisely After Boston Marathon Tragedy

Attorney General Michael Delaney urges New Hampshire residents to educate themselves and give wisely when making charitable donations in support of the victims of this week's horrific bombings during the Boston Marathon. Tragedies such as the one that occurred this week often lead to public appeals for money. Since Monday the Attorney General's Office has been put on notice of questionable charitable solicitations and the rapid registration of significant numbers of website domain names related to the events in Boston. The increased fundraising activity on the internet, through text message, and via other forms of social media has greatly expanded the opportunity for unscrupulous individuals and entities to target generous donors.

While donating money to support the victims of the marathon attacks is a worthy cause, Attorney General Michael Delaney encourages consumers to educate themselves in order to avoid fraudulent solicitations. Donors should avoid impulse donations and take time to research the entity to which they wish to donate, in order to understand how and where their donation will be used. Often, donating to a local charity with which a person is familiar may be the best option.

Research on established and respected charitable organizations can be accomplished through websites such as and Additionally, any charities operating and/or soliciting donations in New Hampshire must also be registered with the Charitable Trusts Unit of the Attorney General's office.

The Charitable Trusts Unit currently posts a list of all charities registered with the Attorney General on its website: Any professional fundraiser soliciting donations on behalf of a nonprofit organization is required to obtain a permit from the Attorney General before the solicitation campaign is commenced. A list of currently registered professional fundraisers and approved campaigns is also on the Charitable Trusts Unit's website and is updated on a monthly basis.

Please contact the Charitable Trusts Unit if you have any questions regarding this matter at (603) 271-3591.

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