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News Release

For Immediate Release
December 14, 2012


Attorney General Releases Report of Greenland Incident Review Commission

At a press conference earlier this morning, Attorney General Michael A. Delaney released the N.H. State Police investigative file relating to the execution of a search warrant and an arrest warrant at 517 Post Road in Greenland by the Attorney General's Drug Task Force and Greenland Police on April 12, 2012, which resulted in the death of Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney. Attorney General Delaney also released the report of the Greenland Incident Review Commission, which was formed in early May to conduct an independent review of that incident. In its report, the Commission made recommendations regarding the management and supervisory structure of the Drug Task Force, the tactical operation on April 12th, and the policies and procedures for the Drug Task Force.

Attorney General Delaney announced today that retired New Hampshire State Police Captain Scott Sweet was hired in October as the new Commander of the Drug Task Force. Under Commander Sweet's leadership, the task force has taken the following steps:

  • A policy regarding the service of warrants has been approved and implemented;
  • A Warrant Risk Assessment (WRA) matrix has been approved and is in use;
  • Command-level involvement and approval is required for all warrants, operation plans, and WRA's;
  • The practice of "no knock" dynamic entries by DTF officers has been suspended;
  • The DTF Commander or his designee shall be responsible for requested SWAT team activation in circumstances where the WRA indicates a need;
  • Level III ballistic vests have been ordered;
  • First aid kits have been purchased;
  • Current DTF policies are under review and will be updated as needed; and
  • DTF officers are required to use the portable radios assigned to the team or loaned portables from local law enforcement agencies whenever they are involved in the execution of an arrest or search warrant service, or any high risk situation.

Each of the above steps is in keeping with the recommendations set forth in the Commission's report. The Attorney General has accepted the Commission's other recommendations and has charged Commander Sweet with establishing a timeline and strategy for their implementation.

The Commission's report and a powerpoint that summarizes the State Police investigative findings are available on the Department of Justice website at A copy of the full State Police investigative file can be obtained at the Attorney General's Office.

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