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News Release

For Immediate Release
November 5, 2012

Catherine L. Bernhard, Senior Assistant Attorney General
NH Insurance Department Fraud Prosecutor
(603) 271-7973 x 235; (603) 271-2898

Guilty Plea Entered in North Conway Insurance Fraud Case - State v. Erin Goodman

Erin Goodman of North Conway, NH pleaded guilty to one class A misdemeanor charge of insurance fraud Friday, November 2, 2012 in Carroll County Superior Court. As part of her sentence, the Court imposed a sentence of one year at the House of Corrections, and fine of $2,000, both of which were suspended for one year. Ms. Goodman was ordered to pay restitution to State Farm Insurance Company for the costs of investigating the fraudulent claim, and to write a letter of apology to the insurer.

The investigation by State Farm Insurance and the NH Insurance Department Fraud Unit found that on November 23, 2010, Ms. Goodman took out an insurance policy with State Farm Insurance to insure her 2006 Monte Carlo. Less than one week later, Ms. Goodman phoned her insurance agent and reported that on November 28th, she was driving on Denmark Road in Fryeberg, Maine when a moose wandered into the path of her car. She reported that she swerved to avoid the moose and struck a tree totaling her 2006 Monte Carlo. As part of the claim, State Farm paid for towing services from the accident scene to a repair shop in North Conway. The date of the tow was November 20, 2010, and not November 28, 2010 as Ms. Goodman had reported. When confronted with this and other evidence that showed that the accident happened on November 20, 2010 when the car was not insured, Ms. Goodman admitted that she had not been truthful when she filed the claim, and had hoped that State Farm pay for the repairs and not find out the true date of the accident.

This prosecution was a collaboration between the offices of the NH Attorney General and the NH Insurance Department. Attorney General Michael Delaney and NH Commissioner Roger Sevigny remind consumers that insurance fraud affects all consumers who pay insurance premiums, and who end up shouldering the increased costs of preventing, investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud.

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