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News Release

For Immediate Release
October 15, 2012

James T. Boffetti, Senior Assistant Attorney General
Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau
(603) 271-0302

TD Bank's Notice of Potential Security Breach

Attorney General Michael A. Delaney announces that his office received notification today from TD Bank of a potential security breach that could involve 43,750 New Hampshire residents.

The bank notified the Attorney General that personal information of New Hampshire residents was included on two data backup tapes that the bank shipped to one of their locations in March, 2012. The tapes were reported as missing and the bank remains unable to locate them. The personal information contained on those tapes may have included name, address, social security number, account number, or other data elements such as date of birth or driver's license number. The bank asserted in its notice that they are not aware of any misuse of the personal information.

The bank also notified the Attorney General that they are in the process of notifying affected customers in writing and have offered to transfer the funds in their affected accounts to a new account free of charge. The bank is offering one year of free credit monitoring to customers who qualify for that service.

A copy of the bank's letter to the Attorney General and customer notification letter is available at the Attorney General's website at:

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