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News Release

For Immediate Release
June 21, 2012

Mary Ann Dempsey, Senior Assistant Attorney General
(603) 271-3650

Meals and Rentals Operators - Tax Collection Scam Alert

Attorney General Michael Delaney and Department of Revenue Administration Commissioner Kevin Clougherty warn all meals and rentals (M&R) operators to be aware of and request identification from anyone coming to their places of business seeking to collect M&R tax revenue.

Recently at Laconia Bike Week, a M&R operator reported being approached by two females with clipboards representing themselves as Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) employees and seeking to collect M&R tax revenue. As a precaution, the M&R operator asked the individuals to show identification that they were DRA employees. The individuals were unable to provide the DRA identification and promptly exited the operator's location. These individuals were not DRA employees.

All DRA employees have photo identification that they will provide for inspection upon request. DRA urges all M&R operators to ask to see DRA photo identification prior to speaking with any individuals about their M&R license or any M&R tax revenue, including the collection of M&R tax revenue.

M&R operators can also contact DRA directly to confirm any DRA employee's identity at (603) 230-5900.

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