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Lillian Marie Hina

Lillian Marie Hina Name: Lillian Marie Hina
Year of Death or Disappearance: 1989
City/Town: Keene
Status: Solved
Details: Four-month-old, Lillian Marie Hina, died in an arson fire at 88 High Street, in Keene, NH on January 14, 1989, along with her mother Lori Michelle Hina, age 26, her father Carl Robert Hina, age 49. Carl Hina's twelve-year-old daughter, Sara Jean Hina, also died in the fire. The fire was reported at 2:25 a.m. on January 14. Initially, the fire was believed to be accidentally caused by smoking materials. However, subsequent investigation determined that this was inconsistent with the scene. Other details in the investigation also emerged that suggest that the fire was intentionally set.
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Carl Lori Hina
Carl and Lori Hina

Sara Hina
Sara Hina

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