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Consumer Sourcebook

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Extra Note: Right of Rescission

New Hampshire does not have a law that protects consumers by providing a rescission period on all retail purchases. A few specific types of transactions, however, are subject to a right of cancellation:

  • Door-to-Door Sales – Consumers are entitled to cancel a transaction within three business days of the date of the transaction. Both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and New Hampshire Statute RSA 361-B:2 give consumers a "cooling off" period when they purchase goods or services, in their homes, that are worth more than $25.00. The transaction must have been conducted in a place other than the seller's permanent place of business. For more information, refer to the Door-to-Door Sales.
  • Health or Martial Arts Club Memberships – Every purchaser of a pre-paid membership to a health or martial arts club is entitled to cancel his or her contract within three business days by notifying the club in writing by midnight of the third business day following the date of purchase of the membership contract. For more information, refer to the Extra Note on Health Clubs.
  • Credit Repair Service – All credit service organization contracts must contain an explicit statement (printed in at least 10-point, bold-face type and positioned next to or above the customer's signature line) of the customer's unqualified right to cancel the contract within five business days after signing. For more information, refer to the Credit Repair.
  • Timeshares, Condominiums, and Subdivisions – Buyers of timeshares, condominiums of more than 10 units, or lots in a subdivision of 50 lots or more, who enter into a purchase and sale agreement, have an unqualified right to cancel the agreement within five calendar days from the date of disposition, or the delivery of the current public offering statement, whichever is later. For more information, refer to the Condominiums and Timeshares.

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