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Consumer Complaints

Understanding the Complaint Process

  1. File a written complaint with this office. For more information and a copy of the form, see Filing A Complaint.
  2. Your complaint will be read and reviewed in the order in which it was received. The Bureau will respond to your complaint as quickly as possible. Please Note: The Bureau receives over 3,000 complaints or inquiries and approximately 30,000 phone calls per year. Ordinarily, we try to review and assign a file number to a complaint within three weeks of receiving it. However this timetable may vary according to the volume of complaints being processed at any given time. For this reason we ask that you:
    1. Please put all of your correspondence in writing and reference the file number assigned to your case when making inquiries about the case.
    2. Please hold any inquiries about the status of the case until a file number has been assigned.
  3. A paralegal and an attorney will review your complaint to determine the best method of assisting you. Based on the review, the following steps may be taken:
    1. the Bureau will keep your complaint on file for future reference;
    2. you may be advised to contact a private attorney or small claims court;
    3. you may be referred to another state or federal agency;
    4. you may be advised that your complaint is suitable for mediation under the Bureau's mediation program or
    5. in some cases your complaint may become the basis of an enforcement action by the Bureau. Please Note: If the Bureau initiates such an action based on your or other complaints against a business, the Bureau cannot act as your attorney, and you may wish to review your legal rights and responsibilities with private counsel.

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